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Life in the Land: Bill Milton (Rancher), Collaborative Work & Resiliency, Central Montana Plains

June 9, 2022

Bill Milton and his wife Dana run a cattle ranch just northeast of Roundup in Central Montana. Bill and Dana have always strived to find symbiotic relationships amongst all life on the land, and this means being involved in a lot of efforts that involve collaboration between agriculture, agency, and conservation interests.

Bill will share with us about the realities of what ranchers are up against and ways he sees resiliency being built for people and place. He speaks to the value and urgency in working collaboratively, creatively, and having honest dialogue around the shared challenges and successes. He will speak specifically to his work with the Musselshell Watershed Coalition, Winnett ACES, and an exciting new project, the Rangeland Monitoring Group, which involves rancher guided research and data collection of the rangeland ecosystem. Bill has great information for fellow ranchers, agency, conservation groups, and those who may see themselves as distant to agricultural communities, expressing shared needs of humanity and resiliency. We will also hear from Natalie Berkman, apprentice at the Milton Ranch through Quivira Coalition's New Agrarian Program.


Musselshell Watershed Coalition

Winnett ACES

Quivira Coalition's New Agrarian Program

Rangeland Monitoring Group

Montana DEQ's Abandoned Mine Land Program

Ranchers Stewardship Alliance

Montana Conservation Districts

BioRegions International

WWF Sustainable Ranching Initiative

The Nature Conservancy Montana

Bird Conservancy of the Rockies

Northern Great Plains Joint Venture

This episode is part of the Life in the Land project, which is a series of films and podcasts produced by Stories for Action, which hears from folks that interact with the complexities of Montana's landscapes, speaking to the value of locally-led work and the holistic approaches needed for the health of communities and the ecosystems they're a part of. Find out more about the project and watch the films at

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