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Life in the Land: Big Hole Valley, USFWS Partners Program, Jim Magee

June 3, 2022

Jim Magee is a biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program in the Big Hole Valley of Southwest Montana. The Partner Program provides free technical and financial assistance to landowners, managers, tribes, corporations, schools and nonprofits interested in improving wildlife habitat on their land. 

For the past 28 years, Jim has been an active part of the Big Hole Watershed Committee, which brings together a variety of voices from the Valley to lead programs and provide resources to benefit the land and communities of the Big Hole Watershed.

Jim shares about creating productive relationships between agency and private landowners, the exciting work that they have been able to implement to benefit both wildlife and ranchers in the Big Hole, and the collaboration to successfully keep the Arctic grayling fish from being listed as an endangered specie. This is great information for both agency and landowners alike.


USFWS Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program

Big Hole Watershed Committee

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