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Life in the Land: Big Hole Valley, Range Rider Chet Robertson

June 3, 2022

Chet Robertson is a Range Rider in the Big Hole Valley on behalf of the Big Hole Watershed Committee. A Range Rider typically rides amongst the cattle, to keep an eye on the livestock, watch for medical issues, monitor when they need to move to new ground to prevent overgrazing, and to prevent conflict with predators. Whereas most Range Riders ride the cattle, Chet is unique in that he rides the predators, primarily wolves. As a tracker, he keeps a close connection with the area packs, to predict their movements, and to discourage their presence around grazing areas. Chet speaks about the tracker lens that he moves through the landscape with, his perspective on the social divisiveness of wolves, and his experience owning the Jackson Mercantile for the last 20 years, and the larger connections to what small towns are up against. 


Big Hole Watershed Committee

This episode is part of the Life in the Land project, which is a series of films and podcasts produced by Stories for Action, which hears from folks that interact with the complexities of Montana's landscapes, speaking to the value of locally-led work and the holistic approaches needed for the health of communities and the ecosystems they're a part of. Find out more about the project and watch the films at

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